Our Campaign

Simple. Doable. Start Saving Water Now!!

When we got the project challenge, we started looking for ideas from different sources, starting with communities. Our team split up and reached out to Hospitals, Fire Station, City Planning and many organizations that are part of our local community. Our set of questions led to invariably the same answer. Everyone thinks they are conscious of their water usage. Though people acknowledged water wastage happens, most of them sincerely believed that they did not personally contribute to the wastage.

This interesting observation led us to a different path. We then started closer to home; started asking the same questions to our parents, teachers, friends, neighbors and relatives. Everyone is our audience, since water is an integral part of everyday life. And again, the same response, most people believe they use water conservatively.

At this point we needed data to make our case to people around us. We asked everyone to fill out a simple survey, with out sharing the purpose.

Take Our One Minute Water Survey

Our survey results proved that on an average people took more than 8 minutes for the shower, only 30% of the faucets had aerators, any only 5% of household toilets had dual flush option.

Though numerous simple water saving solutions are available, it was not widely used, because people either did not know about it, or didn’t look far enough for a solution. Everyone leads a busy lives with many aspects
that consume their time.

So our project become an awareness campaign to get people know about these simple solutions. Help everyone, kids and adults alike, understand they could take small steps to work for a bigger cause. And possibly help people in need.

Every Ounce Counts! Start saving water today.