Install Fluid

The fluid water meter is a device that you attach to a water pipe. They measure the flow velocity of the water passing through the pipe. You can see how high it is through an app. The higher it is, the more water you are using. You can set a limit for the water you use a day and use fluid water meter to keep track of your water usage until you reach the limit. This way you can reduce water wastage.

Monitor Water Usage

Knowing is the first step to correcting problems if they exist. Take aid of tool like Fluid in conjunction with apps or just the apps provided by some cities that monitor the water meter can help house holds in knowing the pattern of water usage and eventually be prudent with their water usage. Most of the house holds react only after they look at the water bill, but to proactively monitoring the water usage in real time or near real time will be a game changer in altering human behavior and pushing them to be more efficient in their water usage and conserve water.

Save Energy

Gas or electricity is used to heat water, so the less hot water we use, the more energy is conserved, in most cases. To transport water from the water source (lakes, rivers, etc.) it takes a lot of energy. Energy is also used to clean and purify sewage water.  So, part of your water bill is really an energy bill.

Water Bottles

How many times do you pay attention to what you do with the water left in your water bottle? A lot of people just dump the left over water into the drain when they walk over to fill their bottles. Watering some plants with the left over water or just drinking it would be some choices …

Dual Flush Toilet Kit

Our survey results show 75% of the households in America don’t have a dual flush options in their toilets. Dual flush options have two settings , one for liquid waste and one for solid waste. Common toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush. With the dual flush it uses only .8 gallons for liquid waste flush. On an average 4 flushes for liquid waste per person per day would save about 3.6 gallons of water. This translates to about 4500 gallons per year in water savings for an average household of 4. These dual flush device are about $20 and very easy to install on a common toilet flush without needing any tools

Shower Timer

When was the last time you timed to see how long you are in the shower. It is a very common habit for us to be in the shower just dreaming about things and not realizing how long we have been in the shower. Our surveys show that more that 60% of the folks take shower longer than 10 minutes. If you could use a simple timer to find out how long you take shower and make an honest attempt to lessen your shower time by a minute, it would save about 3650 gallons of water per year for an average house hold of 4.

Low Flow Faucet Aerator

Do you really need the faucet to be flowing water the heavy flow rate you currently have. Most of us have the faucet run at full by default. New low flow faucet aerator are simple flow restrictors that can be fit to any standard faucets which will instantly reduce the flow by 40%. These are very cheap devices, costing any where between 1 to 5$ and are a snap to install. Our survey shows that more than 60% of house holds don’t have low flow aerator on their faucets. A simple tool can help an average house hold of 4 save about 14000 gallons of water per year.