Core Value: Impact

We apply what we learn to improve our world.

Last year, in FLL, when the topic was water and how to save it, our team worked together to find a solution that was not only implementable, but also viable enough so that we could try and do it ourselves. After going through many different solutions, we decided to just raise awareness. This means encouraging people to try different solutions to save water including adding a dual flush to your toilet, reducing your shower time by timing it, using apps to monitor your water usage, using a low flow faucet aerator, using a fluid water meter, and not just dumping out your leftover water, but using it for other things like watering your plants. Our team did a great job raising awareness in different ways. One of those ways was giving out surveys, whether it was sending them out to your friends in a message group or handing them out when we were at a public event. We also raised awareness on our website We wrote entries and short paragraphs about how to
save water. Even after the FLL tournament was over, we kept spreading awareness, and if we keep doing that, it will impact and improve our world.

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